peg mount rip off

i just bought a ssr c4 and the peg mount is bolted to the motor like a lot of pit bikes out there what are the chances of the peg mount riping out of the motor even with an upgraded peg mount

You should be ok. It might bend alittle (depends how you ride and your weight. If you are really worried about it you could find a fab shop locally and have them make you a gnarly reinforced one and then bolt it on with some grade 8 bolts. But I weight 185 and I am pretty hard on my bikes and I've only had the pegmounts flex alittle.

ya i am 185 to i like to jump 10 15 foot jumps nothen big

Grade 8 bolts in aluminum engine won't do anything for ya.

ya they are sweet i am a kinda broke i just bough the bike but it is all worth it in the long run can u get them any where cheaper thanx

all so u think it will be ok to jump with it stock till i get the Motor Cradle Kit its a ssrc4 and i am only jumping 10ft jumps

You will want to get some Chromoly foot peg mounts for it. The steel ones that come on it will bend.

BTW the video is the cradle frame mounts on a C-4

Wow I like the cradle setup. Will have to order one. Outlaw Powersports is going to be taking a lot of my money I can see, just got my bike last night.... :applause:

what is a good peg mount to buy with a good price

listen to outlaw he has dealt with ssr bikes the longest out of anyone that I know of

Also, check the bolt length. Mine were about a half inch shorter than they had room to be, so I replaced them with longer ones. Just make sure they are not too long, as to bottom out in the cases before they actually tighten up. Worst case scenario would be to strip the threads without catching any air. p.s. a lock washer can be used to take up a little space if needed. If not, use lock-tite.

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