People that follow the racing circuit - esp Southern California - Dust Magazine?

Worcs, SF250, Dakar, D37, GNCC, and on and on...

Ok - picked up "Dust Magazine" issue #2 about a year ago and just got around to look at it. Looks pretty good - they still around?

dust-magazine dot com has a subscription order form - 6 issues (1 year) for $12. Anyone get the mag? If I knew it was that good would have read it when I got it....

Here is the only place on the Husky forum found a reference:


Got a free issue of DUST at Adelanto. Had a picture of the Up-Tite TC250 in the Baja 1000 coverage.

Nice mag but hit or miss as to were you find it.

P.S. Got my Adelanto photos, now I just need a scanner :applause:

Good Rag, good coverage of D-37 and BITD and SCORE.

Better Subscribe, it's impossible to find other than at the Races, and then only occasionally.

I picked it up at a news stand in Valencia. Good magazine, I hope it works out. I'll chance a subscription to it.

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