looking for '01 YZ 250 suspension settings

Just bought a 2001 YZ 250 and I am trying to find out:

How many clicks out does it go (compression and rebound, front and rear), and what are the stock settings?

thanks in advnace,


OK, you have not posted your weight or type of riding that you are doing or your ability so it is very difficult to comment.


Forks; Comp (bottom of forks) 14 out

Rebound (top) 9 out

Oil height about 105mm

Shock; Low speed Comp (Top Middle) 15 out

High Speed comp (Top Outer) 1 3/4 out

Rebound (Bottom) 8 out

In reality the forks and the shock work much better with a revalve and mods.

My 01 forks and shock work way better than 2007 KTM exc units, in my opinion, but they have been fully serviced.:applause:

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