Good soft terrain tire?

Is anyone using the pirelli mt44 soft terrain tire or the maxxis soft terrian tire? i was wondering becuase of the conditions that I ride in, i need something that will claw through the mud and nasty trails, yet still hold up to the hard pack roads and rocks. pirelli says that the tire has a long wearing compuond but expierience is better than words. any opinions?


Tasky's in Everett sells a Sakura "Dirt Shark" that works nicely for me and it costs less than $60.

Paul B

Best all around tire combination for traction and wear that I've found for the conditions here in S.W. Washington are the Pirelli Scorpion Pro front and MT16 rear. I run 10-12psi in the front and 8-12 psi in the rear depending on conditions.

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