7.3 Diesels

What mpg are y'all getting out of your 98-03 7.3's? (without a load)


My cousin claims 17-20 depending on his foot in his 03

What mpg are y'all getting out of your 98-03 7.3's? (without a load)


I just got mine. First tank: 17. Second tank: 16. Thats with winter fuel, should improve with regular fuel.

Thats pretty bad: two Yamaha guys replied to a Yamaha hater! :applause:

I got 15 average (city & hwy). Down to 7 towing 25-ft Toy Hauler

Had an 01, 15.5 on the highway.

My friends 2000 F250 gets about 20mpg, he does have a chip and that is all.

I've got a '99 F250, I've averaged 15.7 no mods.

My 01, unloaded on freeway trips gets 18-20 mpg


02 SuperCrew 7.3 Automatic - no mods

2002 F350 Crew Cab long bed 6 speed w/ MBRP exhaust, AIS air intake and Edge Attitude w/ Juice monitor and I get about 17-20 mpg empty and 10-15 loaded with camper and trailer.

01 Excursion 7.3L (Suspected set up for Ambulance).

15 average.

Best 18mpg (flat freeway at 65mph).

7-9 Towing 25-ft Hauler (up to 10K lbs usually mtn driving).

Best towing 11 mpg (flat freeway at 55mph)

In my 02 Excursion, I average 18-21 highway driving 65mph-70mph using the cruise control.

When I tow our 30ft toy hauler loaded (around 10k lbs) I get 12 - 14 mpg.

I run stock size tires inflated to 60psi and have a SuperChip on the 1st (lowest) setting.

03 F-250 crew cab 7.3 stock

14.5mpg or so says the truck computer.

99 F250 work truck with 191,000, 3.73 gears, auto trans, 235/85/16? gets 15 mpg everyday, on my sales route. Drops to 10 mpg with 13,000# fifth wheel.

Ford Excursion 15mpg 7.3l diesel no mods

My buddy's 2000 f250 is getting about 18 around town.

2002 E350 extended cargo van, 20.3 average at 68 mph. 17.5 at 75 mph. As soon as the RPM crosses over 2k the mileage drops considerably.

After viewing some of the other numbers in this post, I decided to calculate by hand....it appears the computer is a little optimistic @ 21 mpg.....but even calculating by hand, I get 18-19mpg highway, and 12-13 when towing.

Some of you guys might want to check your air filters and tire preassure.

somewhat "older" data point: 96 F250 5-speed, 2wd

21 mpg highway (under 2000 rpm / 65mph) towing three bikes on a small trailer.

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