trials rear tire

I looked for it so sorry if it has already been talked about.

I have herd about using a trials tire for desert riding.

Any thoughts? Experience? Thanks :applause: or:thumbsdn:

I do about half my riding in Colorado. Me and all of my riding friends in Colorado have switched to trials tires and love them. I have tried them here in the deserts of southern Nevada. They do OK on most of the hard packed rocky trails but don't work well at all in loose sand. I have gone to the Maxxis Maxx Cross Desert Intermediate tires and love them for desert riding. Just my opinion.

I keep saying Im going to try one....I ride a lot of rocky singletrack..Do they wear quickly..???

from what i have been told they last 3-4 times longer than a knobby. but one this that is conflicting is how well they work in the sandy stuff (washes,ect) i think that i am going to go with the michelin X11 or the dunlop.

They work great if you are a rocky trail rider, down side No mud......not great in deep sand.....must learn throttle control...don't want to spinn it a x-11 with a tube about 15 will love it....

good stuff. thanks

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