Some carb adjustment help?

I have a KLX125l, bbr exhuast, main jet that comes with it, and airbox mod.

runs good, happy with the diffrence this made. But I just put a K&N filter and now it doesnt run so well. If I roll on the throttle it does fine but if i just grab a handfull it sputters then dies. I am still new at the carb thing so I could use a point in the right direction on what needs to be adjusted. Thanks

Bigger carb would help things out.

Sounds lean. Try the next size bigger pilot jet or just turning out the fuel screw some.

turned the pilot out and it helped but I think I just need to go to a big jet, I dont think I should have it turned out that far. Thanks for the input

your way lean... raise the needle with shim washers. I had same problem when I installed new pipe & airbox/filter mod. I did two or three washers under the clip which was the trick for me. Go up one or two on both pilot and main. The bike will idle clean and warm up much faster. good luck

yes, lean, raise the needle

I ordered the Yami adjustable needle and a couple of pilots and main jets hopefully they should be here tommorrow. Will spend sat or sunday playing with it. If I can get it running smooth I will post what I ended up going with. One question for those that have done the adjustable needle change. The picture shows three slots, which slot worked best for most of you? just trying to get everythng narrowed down so I can spend more time riding and less time adjusting.

I have a drz-125 and could you give me the part number or what make model year the needle came from

word to the wise, the needle from the 06' TTR125 is nonadjustable. You have to order it from the 04' or 05' model, learned that the hard way.

Thanks for the Tip on that 06 TTR125 Carb Needle is non-adjustable. Looks like my 05 TTR125 Mikuni is worth some $$.

So after much research and a couple of diffrent attemps I finally got it running good.

Recap on the bike 06 KLX125L, BBR exhaust, airbox mod and K&N Filter.

I ended with a 20 pilot, pilot screw 1.5 turns out, 105 main and 1 shim on the needle. Runs clean, no bog, easy start and warms up better than stock.

I am sure if I took it to a profesional they could have gotten it dailed in even better, but now I know how the carb works and can make need adjustments for elevation myself. and the satisfaction of doing it myself. After this little adventure I am serously thinking of tackling the suspension myself.

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