Engine Ice in a 07 Rm-z250?

Is running engine Ice in a 2007 Rm-z250 any good? Is it any better than regular coolant? Thanks for your guys oppinons!

IMO it is not needed.

I have no personal experience with engine ice. However, I have used redline water wetter, and I can tell you in my personal experience a couple caps of water wetter mixed in with water makes a huge difference.

My understanding is that engine ice runs about 25 degrees cooler because it does not absorb the heat from the engine as well. And as a result, the engine is running about 25 degrees hotter, even though the coolant is 25 degrees cooler. Personally, I wouldn't run it.


All engine ice is dyed blue propylene glycol. You would be better off going to your local checkers and autozone and picking up a 1 gallon jug of it for 10 bucks.


Yeah it cuts seconds off your laptimes. The cooling system is good on the 07 don't worry about it, but at the same time it won't hurt it to run it.

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