pissed off

I popped my tube the first time changing my tire. And now that I finally got a new tube I popped it again. And now i'm pissed off because my bead is also ****ed up what the hell do I do...!!!!!!!!!

Take it to a dealer or motorcycle shop and pay the 10-15 dollars for them to do it. Are you using the correct tire spoons or trying with big screw drivers?

Dealers can do it in 10 mintues.. You have to pay but it saves some agrivation.

My dealer charges $20. I'm using tire irons also. I'm usign the crappy ones though not the spoon type.

I know you might get mad and want to, but do NOT use a srewdriver that can punch a hole in the tube - been there done that - good spoons and pationes will get it done

My dealer charges $20. I'm using tire irons also. I'm usign the crappy ones though not the spoon type.

Never use a tire iron that has any sharp edges, all edges must be round and smooth.

Even in this one, they guy has poor tire spoons- http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=390735&highlight=tire but it's still a good write-up.

What tubes are you using-go with the Ultra-HD ones-the super thin cheap ones tear way too easy, one can almost tear them with a fingernail.

Do it yourself cant always have someone hold your hand. You prolly pinched your tube when putting the tire on. Just be a little more careful dont use screw drivers tire irons that are smooth are where its at. Also when you bead isnt good get soap and water spray around the tire then just inflate it until it pops out and the bead is nice all around.

Put enough air in so the tube holds it's shape. Make sure the bead on the side opposite of where you're prying is down in the groove against the spoke nipples. I use "cheap irons", I only use two, never pinched a tube. Position the bead lock so you are doing the final prying near it, not so it's on the far side. Otherwise it wants to hold the bead out of the groove. Start removal adjacent to the bead lock for the same reason.

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