Suspension help needed

I am in the process of installing Race Tech gold valves in my forks. So far everything has gone smoothly, but the instructions now tell me to convert my mid valve to a standard check valve. I believe that the mid valve is in the rebound rod cartridge. I need to know how to get the rebound rod out of the rebound cartidge so i can get to the midvalve. I have a service manual and it says nothing about this so i'm turning to you for some help. I would really appreciate any input, thanks.

That still isn't what i need, and I wrote the wrong thing down. I should say the mid valve is located inside the fork damper cartridge on the piston rod(not rebound rod...oops). I have instructions from Race Tech to "remove the cartridge(piston) rod from the cartridge but i cannot seem to find a way to do this and my manual surprisingly has nothing to say about getting to the mid valve. I'm hoping i'm overlooking something that you can point out to me. Sorry for the mix up smith.

remove the collared nut that locks the center bolt at the bottom of the cartridge and gently pull the shaft out of the top of the cartidge you will then see the midvalve. RED LOCKTITE!!! very important when you go back together. hope this helps. Does racethech give you istructions as to what shims to remove?

Alright, thanks. One of the lock nuts was really tight on the shaft so i was having a hard time getting it off, but i finally figured it out. And yes, they do give instructions on what shims to remove along with a detailed diagram. Basically on the midvalve there is a 2nd compression stack from what i understand and you remove that and replace it with a check valve. The piston and rebound stack are left stock.

What made you decide on the midvalve change?

Have you been running the correct spring rates?

Which way are you going with the stack softer or harder?

Your weight and riding ability?

It is just the set up. Depending on the valving it can cause mid-stroke harshness. On the crfs it is overvalved and what he is doing is basically removing the mid-valve to the point where only the spring tension controls oil flow (check valve)

very nicely said. Race Tech just reccomended the switch from the midvalve because the suspension would be too harsh otherwise, just as you said.

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