Rode the Big "O" Now Where???

Hey Guys, like the title says.... need to try someplace new...

Besides Drummond Island where do you recommend??

Tomahawk, Wolverine?

Was thinking of staying at the Sturgon Campground, It claims direct trail access... to the Wolverine trails...

All Suggestions welcome. This will be a Big Guy weekend trip Friday to Sunday...

Hey YZman you seem to be the expert!

Thanks in Advence!!!!

There are some great trails out of the Newberry area in the UP, Spring Lake and Sandtown to name a couple. Do you have a trailmap?

Yes sir!! I do Have a Map Book (CCC type)!!!

Sand town huh.. Does the name reflect the conditions??

I have seen some pics of the UP Trails in Dirt rider or Dirt Bike a while back. Beautiful stuff... Recommend away!!:applause:

I have done a lot of riding in MI, the UP has the best stuff. I have ridden the 6 Day ride 6 times, had a blast every time. Past few years, a few of my buddies and I have been going to the Newberry area and camping at the KOI located at the junction of 123 & 28. Look at your CCCM map for that area, there is plenty of trail to keep you busy.

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