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Euro 3 stuff - photo´s

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Got my 2007 TE450 home last night. To follow up a little on AJSB ´s info about Euro 3 stuff-- here are some photos of the Euro 3 junk. I especially dont like the cabling in the airbox and check out the solenoid switch for the direct air injection to the manifold.

The parts:


The solenoid for air to manifold:


The air to manifold:


The cables in the airbox:


The side view:


I cant see that it will be any more fun than usual to change the air filter...

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here´s some of the 80 dB sealed silencer complete with catalyser - weighs 4.75 Kg/10.5 lbs says AJSB. It must run real hot because the stainless heatshield has fiberglass sheeting on its under side toward the pipe.



The silencer has a lovely sound I´ve got to say, but its just such a lump.


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