505 Sx-f

Got my new 505 today. Have started it up, but I am still waiting fore some good weather to take it outside. I will give ou guys an update when I have tried it. It will be really interesting to se how it compares to my 07' 450. It will be a little bit unfair though, as my 450 is well used. I have almost 70 hours on it now. Have not broken any thing unusal. Only changed parts like sprockets, chains, brake pads, grips, fenders, muffler packing, chain guide, filters, etc


Come on now, whats the report? Your killing me ....:applause:

Come on now, whats the report? Your killing me ....:applause:

I Put A 505 Piston,jug And Fly Wheele On My 07 450 That I Got When I Was In Europe Last Month.it Is Problie 20% Stronger Than The 450 And I Feales Like It Might Rev A Little Faster. It Ganed Most Of The Power In The Low To Mid Range But I Can Seam To Get Rid Of A Little Bog Right Off Idle.it Is Sweet

I got to take my 505 out last weekend. The bike is the same bike as the 450 except for the piston, cylinder, crank, rear sprocket and flywheel. I fixed the bike before i rode it so it was not completely standard. White plastic and decals, Renthal 997 Twin Wall, Full diamond grips, stiffer springs, 50 tooth rear sprocket instead of the stock 48 (52 is stock on the 450, but I use 50 on both bikes) and 15cc less fork oil in the forks. The bike is, not suprising, almost the same to ride as the 450, but it is stronger. The extra 27cc give the bike some more grunt over the whole powerband and it can sometimes pull a higher gear. The bike has, as far as I can see, no disadvantages over the 450. It does not feel heavy or lazy in any way. I am really happy with this bike.

I purchased an x-ring chain for 505 that still hasn't arrived. I got the

118 length. Am I going to have to remove some links due to the smaller rear sprocket? 4 teeth is quite a difference between the 450 and 505. If I need to remove some links, do you guys have any idea how many?

hey guys ,im glad i found this feed back on the 505sxf,ive been looking for anything at all on this bike since nov 06 when i heard about it.Then i heard they wont be in canada until late aug. ,then i heard all kinds of other things compared to the sxf450/07 like (slower reving,dont handle as good ,dont turn as good,heavier,& clumbsier).So i wrote it off & concentrated on the 450,now my dealer calls & says the 505 IS coming ,So any feed back at all i would love to hear about it ,The more the better.

One other thing i ride, trails,dunes,hill climb,muskeg,trees,& play around on the track as well .Therefore sxf505/07 OR sxf450/07 PLEASE HELP lol

I don't have anything to ad but I have had a deposit down sense 8-8-06.

Talked to my dealer last week and was told 2-3 weeks.Everyone seems to love the 450 so I hope it is as good (505) only faster:thumbsup:


I Just Heard That The 505 Was Taken Off The Ktm Web Site And Is Not Going To Be Hear Untill Aug As A 2008

I Just Heard That The 505 Was Taken Off The Ktm Web Site And Is Not Going To Be Hear Untill Aug As A 2008

I'm not sure that KTM ever had the 144 or the 505 on there web site (KTM-USA), At least not that I ever saw.


In the time it took you to post that you could have seen that the 505 is still on the website. And numerous people have 144 SX's so whoever you heard that from has no clue what they're talking about.

At ktmusa.com under models the 505 is not on there any more

Got a call today from a KTM dealer in Florida that has my deposit on a 505, and he said the 505's have been released to the US for delivery within a week or two. :thumbsup:

:thumbsup::worthy::ride: :ride: :p:lol:

Mine arrived today.

I hope my call comes soon.:thumbsup::worthy:



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