Broken leg and ankle out for 4 months, drz 4 sale ?

Went to put gas on my drz and wiped out. Broke my leg and ankle. Doc will remove screw in 3 month and another month before i can start walking. :lol:

Been visiting Dr. Mark in the health and fitness forum. Great info. everyone should vist that forum, many x rays to watch. Dr. Mark is great he answers your questions quickly.

Cost so far::applause:

Hospital $9,000.00

Doctor $2,000.00

Work - 1 month paid, 3 month no pay (wish i had that duck. aflac)

Still need to go to the hospital to remove screw, more $$$$.

I love riding and my drz but that gas trip was expensive, Dont be suprised if you see my bike on the classifieds or ebay.

That sucks! So what happened? Gravel on the road? Crazy chick in a car on a cell phone? Man, I hope you don't have to get rid of your bike.

I hope you heal fast.......

Heal fast. You should not sell your bike unless finances force you to. To stop riding because of a unfortunate crash is bad for you metally. Heal, get back on that horse. Only stop riding if you do not like it anymore, as if that could ever happen.

thats sucks.hope everything works out for you.if you do sell the bike don't will be only a matter of time till you get a new one

Sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you heal back to 100%...

Thanks for the suggestion on the Health And Fitness forum. There's some good advice in there. I took a spill myself 2 weeks ago. I came out with a broken finger, a broken pinky toe on each foot!!!, and a sprained knee and ankle. I consider myself very lucky (no road rash or helmet impact). I had on full street riding gear and Sidi boots. I shudder to think what would have happened if I'd skimped out on gear...

So do tell what happened? Sorry to hear about your acctdent

Hope you recover soon, best wishes and ride on!

Heal up..hang on to the bike as long as you can..I have had many wrecks over the last 30 some odd years...Still riding..motocross wrecked and went riding with a cast as soon as I got out of the hospital..Hang in there..we have all been thru this..You will also come thru it OK..Now is not a good time for big decisions.

Best wishes for a rapid and full recovery. Hoping you can hang onto your bike!

thanks for everything, yeah i should have been wearing more protective gear.

I hope you recover as quickly as possible.

Remember, if you sell the bike, sometime in the next 6-12 months, you will wish you hadn't.

That stinks. Hope you get well soon and ride again.

I feel for ya. I went on a desert ride last weekend and rammed my leg into the ground and screwed up my knee some. It will heal soon but yours is much worse. Unfortunately riding is risky but also fun.

Good luck to ya.

Get better soon keep your chin up

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