after market exuast

hi can any1 tell me wot the best after market exuast is for my ktm450 exc 2003 model? i was gona buy a akropovic off a m8 but was told that it dont fit the 2003 model is this true????

Have the same bike hard to find exhausts that fit you will probably have to get a slip on.

FMF works good:thumbsup:

Im very interested to hear how either of the FMF or the Akrapovic headers fit onto the Cylinder, and does it fix the popping that occurs with many stock exhausts. From the pictures they look well made, but not sure if anyone is running them with success?

I am running a Factory 4 exhaust with very good results. The head pip needed a little meshaging to get to fit but it is all good. You have to put some high temp RTV sealent on the header to get it to seal but you will want to do this with any exhaust. It took some work to get it to fit perfect as you have to put the mounts on yourself. It is the band style. I like it.:applause:

the fmf factory 4.1 works great on my 525 xc. The only problem is that if you want to get a spark arrestor for it, or if you need to quiet it down, you would have to purchase the sparky for the ti. powercore, and the rev tube for the 4.1. and they both fir into the 4.1 perfectly.because before you buy anything for the exhaust, the slip on alone is blowing like 105 or 107 dbs

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