leaking gas out the bottom of carb on 04 yz450

my 450 is leaking gas out of the bottom drain hose of the carb fuel bowl(alot) ,it is the leaking from the hose that is used to drain the float bowl ,and it pours out every time i turn on the petcock

i recently cleaned the carb ,shortened my ap diapram,and replaced my hotstart cable the bike starts on the first or second kick with the choke off and it sounds great but now the carb is pouring gas out the drain hose on the bottom of the float bowl the screw is tight but it still draining gas

i have checked the floaters to see if they are stuck and i also let the bike run for a few but still leaks what could this be any input helps

The float needle is either dirty, defective, or assembled wrong.

the needle only takes a little corrosion to keep it from shutting off you could hve also bent your tab any minor movement of the tab will change the flow shut off

if the float is not adjusted right would if make it pour gas out the drain hose

how do you adjust the floats ,if i dissasembled and reassembled the float with care would it go out of wack

Yes. The drain hose is also the overflow.

The float setting procedure is on page 4-13 of your manual.

well i figured out how to check the float level with the carb assembled,its not hard and you do not have to spend the whole day measuring.

now my problem was that i did not fully slide the neddle clip on to the float the correct way it was a little sideways but after i fixed that it was back in place right away.

now i must say thanks because i thought i really screwed something up, but it was nothing major and now ill be out riding tomorrow and monday

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