Clutch is growling!!!

06 YZ 125.... Clutch growls when its in neutral and lever is out. (not pulled in) What could it be?? Thanks :applause:

It's probably in the tranny. When you have it in neutral & the clutch out, the input or primary shaft is spinning along with several gears in the tranny.My 03 YZ did the same thing- it ended up being 2nd gear wheel on the countershaft.The gear was trying to gall to the shaft.

You are not going to believe this but I logged on today to see if I could find an answer to the same question. I finally got my engine fired up for the first time after the 144 kit for the heat cycles and heard the growl. Same thing when the clutch is in, the noise goes away. I pulled the clutch out (literaly 15min. ago) to see if I could see any problems and couldn't find anything. The bike only has about 4-5 hours on it, so I doubt the tranny is going. I looked at the shift stopper and it is still intact (solid one didn't come in yet.) I think it may be normal, but I can remember it being that way the last time I road it - about 3 months ago. I may have just noticed it because I was really listening because it was the first time I fired it up with the 144 kit, fatty, and turbine core. If anybody knows anything else please let us know.

There is something about a new part number for a shift part!!!! Anyone out there with the answer???

Make sure you have enough oil in the Trans case. It will growl if not.

This seems to be a pretty normal noise, once you pull the clutch lever in it all goes away. Seems to be a bit of a rattle/growl with the plates engaged. I wouldn't worry too much. I have had mine apart numours times, including complete new bearings and there is still the noise, especially with your helmet off.

Let us know how the 144 goes, it could be my next project, also thinking of a hotted up TTR 250 engine in a YZF chassis for trail riding and cutting tracks.

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