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Uncorking, FMF Q2 and Noise

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Finally quit thinking about it and wondering if it was going to be too loud, uncorked the bike (2005 XR) today and put my new FMF Q2 on.

Starting out with the standard uncorking parts (including the HRC needle and 68s) with a 172 main. Fired right up. Not sure where I'll have to go from there. I don't get too much idle fluctuation with the pilot screw, I think that means something. But it's also about 35 degrees outside, that is going to affect it. I left it at 2 turns out.

You can certainly tell it is breathing the way it should. The corked up sound always bothered me, even though I liked that quiet. It sounded like it had asthma. But man, this is the way it should be running from the showroom. I can't wait to get it out and really run it. I never really ever had trouble starting it - but it really does make a HUGE difference how much less effort it takes now. Can't tell if it is running cooler because it's so cold - but I did have it idling for a while and it didn't boil. I have had that happen even in the cold.

As for the noise - I can't do the "real" noise test yet - my better half is not home to hold the meter while I watch the tach - but at idle (about 1400 RPM according to my Sendec tach) and close to my house (some reverb going on) I was consistently reading 86 DBA on a radio shack meter. When I get out away from the houses, I will do a real test at the recommended test RPM and see what I get. It's probably going to be close to 94-95 DBA at the test RPM (I was getting about 96-97 trying to look at the tach and the meter myself, but the meter was a lot closer than 22 inches from the pipe).

Just for kicks, I checked my kids CRF-50's, and they are down around 86-87 DBA at about 3/4 throttle. They are quiet little buggers. My kids are louder than that inside the house. My street bike (Honda ST1300 completely stock) stayed under 90 blipping the throttle.

Just though this might help someone, who is as indecisive as I was about this, decide to uncork. And I wanted to thank everyone who answered my hopefully not too annoying questions, both on the forum and through PM. You guys rock.

I'll post back when I do the real test if anyone cares to know what it tests at.

Think I'm gonna stock up on rear tires now.....

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