2008 Husabergs?

Any idea on wether there will be any major changes to the 2008 Husaberg models? Any chance of a 250?

zero chance of a 250 , the ktm bosses want you to buy the ktm 250 .

I have heard my new 550 sm will have an alloy frame and FI.....I'm hopin for a factory slipper as well......c'on Husaberg pull yur head out and move forward.......240 lbs with 65 to 68 rwhp is not hard to do... I'd pay 7500......Husaberg has been a industry leader for years..up until a couple years ago....thats why KTM showed up(back in the late 90's, KTM could see the writing)...now do something !!....

I agree no 250.....what they should do is build a 450 thats fast and step into the ranks......If I had a chance to work for husaberg I'd fire half the crew in the first week......get things back to where they used to work and give the buying public what it wants.......BTW...gimme 70 K per and 2% gross ......:applause:

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