What's a good trailer for taking 2-3 bikes?

I am going to put a Draw-Tite tow hitch on my 2007 Hyundai Sonata.. I want to get a trailer that can handle at least 2 dirtbikes, possibly even a third one. I used to have an ATV and I had a 7'5' flat plywood top trailer than tilted so you could drive right up onto it. This worked great for the ATV, but I think a bike might slide around on the flat wooden top.

So I see they have those 3 rail type of dirtbike trailers which would probably work too, but the local trailer dealer wants $900 for that trailer which I think is expensive. Damn my ATV trailer that was well built with a nice thick wooden top and also tilted only cost me $500 new from a trailer dealer. I would of thought those "rail type" of trailers would be less than that because there is less material and parts to those things..

anyhow, can anybody recommend a nice trailer for 2-3 bikes, hopefully around the $600 or less price range new. Links and pictures would be great..

oh btw.. I can tow up to 2000 lbs with my car.


i just got done putting a ling chih together along with bearing buddies-----got it from trailer 11.......pulling it behind a nissan altima.....have not even used it and i already like it.....all i need is a deck plywood......

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