Where to buy cheap engine parts

Hey Guys,

The shop that did my oil change when I first bought the bike put the oil filter in there backwards....300 km later the engine seized. It was a cash deal so I have no prove it was done there and I'm not sure if the guy is going to give me anything. I can't take a bat to him either because I'd loose my job.

Question to you is. I'll need a crank and rod, piston/rings plus various bearings. Where is there the cheapest place to buy all this stuff???

I have had great success with www.hondaparts-direct.com. They seem to be cheaper than everywhere else I looked and the service was great.


I also have found Honda direct great for factory OEM parts. They are cheaper then at the service honda site. And they use the same Microfiche shots. Go with HDLparts.com free shipping after $100 also.

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