Racer X Ronnie Renner vid

Nice bikes too :lol: and goon riding :applause:

You like towards the end where he is messing around on the little jumps goofing off? :applause:

Saw him at the ATL SX last week, crazy whips, even crazier in person.

ya, hes got some pretty sick whips

cool vid :applause:

he wrecked in ATL

he wrecked in ATL

Yeah, hilarious too, falls through the tuffblocks and disappears for a few seconds... then gets up and jacks his arms up, haha.

I wonder how often he races? I thought he just did freestyle.

he wrecked in ATL

any vid of the wreck :applause:

Awesome video, sick whips:crazy: :lol: :lol: :applause:

Just met him last night at the ST Louis race in the pit area. Seems like a super nice guy.

Wish I would have known he was riding, I would have went up to watch. Apparently its not very well advertised.

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