Did anyone brave Walker today (Saturday)?

looking for a ride report. We'd like to hit it Sunday if it's not completely hammered. Thanks!::applause::lol:

I was there only for a short while on friday ( breaking in a new rekluse :applause: and it was wet, muddy, and a fair amount of snow about 1/2 mile out from the trailhead. typical winter walker!


Hey trailmeisterjoe - How do you like your Rekluse clutch? I just picked up an 06 YZ250F today and I'm thinking about getting one in the future.


Thanks TM Joe. I think we'll give it a shot. Keep us posted on the Rekluse, the more I hear about them, the more I want one.

Believe me guys... with the generally tight,nasty,steep trails we have around here ( thank God!) the rekluse is unfreakinbelievable! picture this at nasty ( in a good way) walker....steep muddled meanderings trail, cinderblock paved switchbacks, and on friday 2-3 inches of snow and slush on there too. a recipe for disaster with the clutch lever. the rekluse just crawled right up with zero issues and it made me flinch a few times waiting for the gotcha. it never missed a beat at all. i love it . find a friend who has one, try it once and you will buy one guaranteed.


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