ATV Laws Cracking Down.......hard

Please read this article and respond. I registered as BrianR. Just typed of a brief post to make a point.:lol: This really has pissed me off to say the least.:lol::applause::eek: It's just to redicoulas how they don't know their ass from their heads. If you are going to respond, please do so in a respectful manner. Don't rep the sport the wrong way.

Simply poor journalism. A lazy journalist wrote that and only showed one side of the story.

While I am all for more places to ride, I got out of the article that this mayor wants tougher laws for illegal riding. In which case I happen to agree with him. It's the illegal aspect that is creating a downward spiral for our sport. Sure we only have one legal State sponsored area in the state, but there are plenty of private areas and public tracks made available.

I'm not going to go on and on about the subject, I just think you are jumping the gun on this and your response to the article was incorrect.

Flame away if you wish.

"You can go anywhere and buy one and not need a license plate or insurance."
.....isnt that the beauty of this country, to be frre to be able to do that?

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