DR.D help!

So It's time to repack my DR.D silencer now and can't get the screws out of it. I got one out, broke one off, and rounded one off, then quit. Any ideas on how to get the screws out. :applause: Oh and they are loctited in there.

r they counter sunk (flush) or r they button head, screws? if you have a steady hand you can drill them out in the center and ez out them. other than that I would have to see them, next time give it a little tighten before you back them out, it breaks the loctite free!

They are not counter sunk and they have allen heads on them.

Can you get a hold of the allen heads with vise-grips? If not you'll have to drill them out carefully...


Before you use the vise grips try and spray some WD-40 or other penetrating oil on the alleb bolts. Hopefully this will help loosen the little bastards up a bit. Then wipe the head of the allen bolt clean so you can get a good hold with the vise grips. If this doesn't work, you can either drill them out or take it to a machine shop and for a small fee they will do this for you. Good luck!

good points ......another is to lock a small vice grip on whats left and then apply heat with a butane torch to the screw while applying torque to see if it'll break free.

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