Rate reccomendation on 450 SXF

I'm 210 lbs in street clothes and ride MX only in 450 intermediate. The bike is a '07 KTM 450 SX. I'm running the stock springs right now but they're clearly too soft (read, I can nearly bottom them out just braking into a corner). KTM only offers one step stiffer in the forks but I've noticed that other companies have even stiffer options all the way through .52 from factory connection. I've done the rate calculators but I'm looking for some more opinions. Also, if anybody has reccomendations on oil height in addition the springs that would be very helpful as well.

Thanks for the continued pointers guys! :applause:

Well David Knights suspension guy (d3 racing, Julian) recomended I go up to .48 on the front and 6.9 on the rear and I weigh 172 without gear. I was on the upper limit for stock springs. He reckoned the stock springs are for 160lb intermediate riders. I would say you could go to .50 and 7.2 comfortably if you look at his recomendation I would say every 20lbs or say go up a spring rate.

Try mx-tech.com. Go to there spring generator

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