Making plastics shine again?

On my cr85, wen i sell it i want to make it look shinny and perfect. But my plastics are "dulled" out and i need them shinny like they once were. Anything to do this?


Go buy some plastic renew. That stuff can make any old plastic look new.


gas. no lie. haha.

There is also a product called Plexus. Not sure on the spelling though.

I saw that "plexus" in costco today.I think it would do the trick.

Maxima SC-1:thumbsup:

I'm sticking with Armor-All, :applause:.

Maxima SC-1:thumbsup:


If you sand the plastics really well (as if you were prepping them to be painted) and then apply plastic renew carefully (not leaving lines everywhere) you can get them looking brand spakin new. The shine will dul faster than the original finish, and it scratches a bit easier, but it looks great for 2-3 rides.

yea i need that same stuff for my bike:thumbsup: ...does armor all really work?

Lemon pledge works too,or silicone spray :applause:

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