crankshaft seal replacement

could anyone one give me some instructions on how to replace the crankshaft seal on my 03 crf450? i would like to have it fixed by this upcoming weekend. help plz:excuseme:

which seal are u talking about?? go to service honda and find it in the engine pics and let me know, then I will look in my manual and see

well im not really sure i would guess all of them because im leeking tranny oil into the engine oil so i run dry in the tranny and way overfilled on the engine side. It gets so overfilled that it fills the overflow tube and starts going into the airbox. I'v read alot of those threads on oil migration but none of them gave me any instruction on which seal to fix or how to do it

ok, I am working now, but I will be home tomorrow, I work 24hr shifts.. I will look through the manual and see.. then post something for ya

thank you. 24 hour shifts that sounds pretty harsh

does anyone else have any suggestions on how i could go about fixing this??

looking through the manual, it really doesnt say how to just change the seals... it shows the seals when its talking about the crankshaft bearing, then it shows the cases split then u can see where all the seals are...

did u allready rip ur engine apart?? from looking at the manual, looks like u have to dissasemble the engine... i could be wrong, but I have never had to do this..

I was searching the threads, and seen if u have the tranny to engine side then the Counter balance seal is bad... maybe someone who has done this could shed some light for you

I know that some guys in the 250R area have had a problem with this. I'm sure if you PM bodyman he can help you out. I'm 99% sure that he had this problem.

nope i still havent taken apart my engine im not sure i want to until i have good directions b/c when i had to do some other maintenece i usually take to many things apart and waste precious riding time:thumbsdn:

I believe this problem is caused by the counterbalancer seal becoming unseated and allowing the tranny oil to enter the crankcase...Do a search on posts by Kelstr, this is a fairly common issue, which is fairly easy to fix.

ill ask him for some help that i hope he gives. because i really need to have this done by next friday

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