Supermoto-friendly places around SW Ohio?

Anything? Go-kart track, AutoX course, parking lot with cones? Anybody know? The fresh motor in my bike wants to stretch its legs and I just sold my other SM to my friend and we want to go duke it out somewhere safe and legal.


there is a go kart track on 23 between south bloomfield and circleville, i know they had a supermoto school last summer, i cant remember the name of it, but its close to my house ill get you the info next time i go by!!

Is it this one?

I've been hunting around a little. Someone led me to I found a track 15 minutes from my house!!

I drove up and checked it out today. Probably make a trip up next week as I'm on Spring Break. Hope it warms up!

If you know any more tracks, post them up.

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