head work

who can replace my valve seats for a good price ?????????????????

What kind of bike?? Yami with 5 valves or honda with 4?? are u going with stock or OEM??

MXtime.com will cut your seats, take off your old valves, clean and inspect your head, install the new valves and send it back with free return shipping for $65 bucks, yes I said 65 bucks for a 4 valve head... you have to send the valves and stuff...

if you want, then also offer complete stainless steal valve jobs... i think they use either Kibble wibble or Ferrea, might want to contact them to find out.. but the prices are:

4 vavle head is Stainless Steel Valves,Spring Kit and seat cutting:$425.00

5 Valve Heads are just $475.00


try buying the parts off ebay, then getting a local cycle shop to install them

I would send your head to RHC (Ron Hamp) and get him to give it a complete makeover, cut the seats, port it, install new guides, put in his valves and springs and one of his cams, if you want to go all out. You will have to give him a phone call or email... http://www.ronhamp.com/

Then another place that I like for me, up in canada, is mongoose machine and engineering. http://www.mongoosemachine.com/

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