WR250F Brake Light/Tail Light

What is the most intelligent way to modify my existing 2002 WR250F tail light to function as a brake light as well? (I'm interested in making it street legal for Colorado).

I want to keep the bike as close to stock as possible, meaning I would like to use my existing fender tail light setup. The Baja Designs type kits don't interest me.

Does someone make a straight-forward simple switch I can wire into my stock fender/light?

Thank you for your insights, guys; I appreciate your knowledge. I have been out of this for 20 years and I'm trying to get back into it. Without having friends who ride, it's tough to get good answers to a lot of these simple questions.

i believe the tail light is aready wired for a brake light. you need a brake light switch that replaces the adjustable end of the piston on your rear master cylinder( the part the foot lever pushes up). they are standard for most japanese bikes, i think moose makes one for about $25. the stock bulb might be a dule filiment but you should look to see if you need one of these as well.

I have learned this from doing searches on this forum, you can find lots of info on connecting the wires in here also




Colorado WR

I have added a brake light to my 03 WR and my 07 WR with a hydraulic brake light switch from K & S. Stock # 12-0010 10mm dia. x 1.25mm thread pitch. You can get this from Vickery or Performance Cycle.

One side of the switch is wired to the 12 volt power brown wire off of the main on/off switch and the other end of the switch wire is tied to the brake light wire, that is the third wire of the brake light assembly. The other two wires on the brake light assembly is for the running light and a ground.

PM me if you have any questions or problems.


Thank you for the reply. I will get the switch. I appreciate the info.

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