Tripple Clampse 06-07

Does anyone have FIRST hand experience that the top tripple clamps are the same from the 06-07 450F? I put a set of RG-3 on my bike 06 and ordered a set for a friend and was told they were the same but on the 07 the clamps went on very, very tightly and had to be beat down over the forks with a rubber malet?

applied were the same......

I'm wondering if the machining was off by alittle bit?:applause:

You might want to make sure the head-set is snug and in good shape BEFORE you install an upper-clamp.

Bike only has 1-2 Hr's on it and is in brand new shape.

open the clamps with a screw driver a little ,beating things is never the way to go

Yeh he did do that, I should refrase that I guess he tapped the clamps down with a rubber malet.:applause:

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