Pic of new Yosh Yoshimura pipe exhaust system

Also: pulled the snorkel, put a TwinAir filter.

Quick ride impression: lots of noise, some improvement,

but not $300 worth. :applause:

Mind you, this is with STOCK jetting.

Got a PE24 carb coming,, hope that does something more.

Also- will a +2 rear sprocket fit with the stock chain length?


nice bike! For the PE24mm carb, your gonna need adapters for both sides.

you sould up the main jet one size bigger since you put the yosh on if u never did

it will actually be worse untill you jet it properly. Then you will feel the difference...

All set to go w/adapters.

I hope the carb helps!

Can't wait...

the carb WILL help! Trust me..all i have in performance is the carb, twin air filter and a custom exhaust endcap.

I have a yosh on my DRZ. Any reccomendations on Jetting kits?

i just bought and installed the yoshomura kit i only payed 260 for it on motosport.com i think it has some decent performance, it could be better though

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