I want to buy a pipe for my new SM but will it void the warranty or does the warranty differ from dealer to dealer?

assuming the added mod isnt the fault for failure...suzuki will honor the warranty

I got my 2007 SM in Dec and started the mod thing. Just yesterday I swung by the dealer and asked about the Mods particulary the 3X3 jetting and the pipe. My dealer indicated there should be no problem as so many of their customers go this route. (Although I haven't had any warranty claims yet either!!!)

It probably boils down to the individual dealers and your relationship with them. My salesman, who is an absolutely great fellow, indicated that they usually honor most claims unless the bike really appears to be trashed and neglected. (They do have to work within the regional service rep's bounds but since they're a very large dealer I imagine the service rep is fairly lenient and remember the dealer's service department personel can influence this a lot also.)

it does not effect your warranty.

It depends on where you take it

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