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'02 wr250

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I am new to the site and I have an 02 wr250 I purchased last summer to get myself back into riding with my kids. I would like to make some upgrades to give it some more power. I recently purchased a FMF Ti 4 silencer and mid pipe but not the header. I have yet to install it. What I would like to know is some of the better and somewhat inexpensive mods to get more power. I have read thumperfaq.com and intend to do some of those mods. A couple of specific q's are 1) on thumperfaq it mentions the grey wire but that he changed his CDI to a yz; which is better just disconnecting the gray wire or upping to a yzf cdi and if so what year yzf cdi's will work: 2) as for the jetting kits what is the difference/better kit the JD or is the Dynojet okay?

Most everything on the bike is stock and I mostly ride trails and in the mountains. I live in eastern washington and elevation tends to be around

2000' but i do go up a few hundred feet above that in the cascade mountains. the air is exceptionally dry in these parts (its a desert). So if anyone has any suggestions or ideas I would be much obliged to here what works best for increasing power.

Thanx in advance


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