2006 CRF250R help

My oil seal on the gear drum of my crf250 is leaking.. Can I replace that seal without cracking the case?? Thanks


ask in thecrf250r forum


the seal probobly just popped out .... mine did that i just popped back in and 20 hrs later no probs.

It looks like it is still in the correct place. I was wondering if I could replace it without having to crack open the case?

mine also "looked like it was fine" just try pushing on it gently alternating sides with a big flat head it will most likely click into place and stop the leak.

Yes you can replace it without splitting the case. Lay the bike over on its side so you don't even have to drain the oil. Use a dental pick to get the old one out. You will have to remove the shift lever to replace the seal.

It might be the countershaft oil seal. Check that before you replace the gear drum seal... if the countershaft is leaking, it will look like the other one is too

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