Wr250f vs. Wr450f

Which one should I buy :applause:

Okay, so I've done a bit more reading than that...but I have some questions now that I've done the reading. First, myself. Im lightweight at 5'8'' 120lbs. I would rate my skill as beginner, I've rode for a good part of my life, but only chasing cows (ranching, fun) and in some undeveloped property working on my balance in sandy conditions as well as rock and muddy (deep mud!) in some swampy areas. My currently bike is a KLX250S (292lbs) thats really under powered.

I have started a track that can travel the perimeter of about 30 acres, that Im riding to hone my skills. I also can ride on a home built MX style course, really Im looking to ride my bike a lot more in any conditions (Im a sled head) from the sandy trail, to the swampy mud bogs and take the MX tracks when I get a chance. I also want to dual sport it up (KLX gave me bad habits) to commute to work.

Now, for things I understand:

250F more nimble, light, better for tight tracks. Be nice for chasing cows, they can turn on a dime and I need to as well. my KLX can out run a cow so Im sure a 250F can too. Probably suit my skill level on most terrain.

The 450F is nice for the straight aways, dunes, and street. It is heavier, but still lighter than my KLX. Gobs more power too.

Things I am not sure about (and why Im here groveling for answers)

At my weight, will the 250F be sufficient on the street? I ride about a 4 mile round trip to work (90% of the commuting) and no farther to get to a majority of the destinations on the bike. I do ride some longer trails, gravel roads that are nice and open, probably 50-60 mile trips.

If the 250f is not up to hauling me on the street, would the 450f be tame enough for me to come to terms, and be able to hone my skills sufficiently? Im used to a sled thats got some power (140HP) but I know thats a little bit different that on a bike. Again, I am used to getting wallowed around by the heavyweight KLX, so I question if I would notice how 'heavy' the 450F is in the tight sections.

Anyways, I hope my question is a little more specific than the stock "250vs450 debate. I would probably be more apt to give up tight trail performance to gain (slight) valve train reliability and a more comfortable trail ride.

Have you read this thread yet?

At 5' 8", 120, I'd say buy the 250 and a pizza...SC

250F for sure....IMHO


I had read that thread, and while it was helpful at pointing me greatly towards the 250f, it didn't clear up any questions I had about the 250f on the street, if it would lug me around in lower RPM's or if the 450f would be a better dual sport candidate.

Speaking of pizza, I'm off to have some now:crazy:

If you are truly a beginner as you said, an uncorked 450F will scare the living $hit out of you! Its got more go and its heavier....harder to control and pick back when you tip over....


Both will remain stock! My money for mods will be to dual sport it, but I'd rather leave both corked up.

Whats a corked up 450f run like? An uncorked 250f?

I found that the 450 with no mods to be a fairly tame bike, and i think a person could learn to ride and grow into one over a short period of time. The displacement makes it better for dualsporting also. As for any bike, if you wrap the throttle and are a fairly new rider, interesting things are going to happen fast. My last bike was 2000 DRZ400E with a baja kit, and it felt like a tank compared to my '03 WR450. If you have the opportunity to take both for a ride, you may find the 450 isn't much heavier than the 250. 10Lbs? It comes down to personal preference.



I'd get the 450, its very tame in stock form, not scary at all, it will feel much lighter and more powerfull than your 250, and if you ever want more power its there waiting to be unleashed, I rode mine stock for about 3 months (I'm a beginner too) then I installed the PMB insert and rode it with just that mod for a couple months, now I have done all the "free" mods and I love it even more, it still rides fairly tame but has big power when you need it, if your like me (your not, I'm 180lbs) you will eventually want all the power you can get........


Your a good fit for a 250. I have a 05 wr450 uncorked and a 01 yz250f. My son is about your size and the 250 is plenty for him. I am 5'9, 210 and it pulls me too. But not like my 450. It's a monster. In the winter we mostly ride Watkins and Pueblo. If you ever make to those places or out to Castle Rock let me know and you could test ride them both.

get the 450 for sure man. i ride mine all over town and got it totally uncorked with big bore and than some and know for a fact that if you are gonna do half on and half off the road get the 450 and just learn to ride as you go along.......the 250 to me bogs on the highway cause i rode my friends

If you are planning on dual sporting, the 450 would be less stressed than the 250. While there are those who have dual-sported a WR, (mine is plated for riding the gravel roads that connect the trails) it does not feel right running constant speeds on the road. I also have a Suzuki DR650 and that does a good job as a dual sport bike. With knobbies and jetting, it does a respectible job on the less challenging trails as long as you are not in a hurry, it is quite heavy, especially when you have to pick it up. You might also consider something like a Suzuki DRZ 400. It comes as a dual-sport and with a change of tires, does a decent job off road but it is heavier than the WR. It has a cooling fan also, and can be bought used pretty reasonably. If that ends up being too tame, then get the WR450.

Im not getting a DRZ.

My KLX is heavy enough. Its even bigger.

While an uncorked 450 would be balls out scary, I feel a corked 450 would be tame enough to improve my skills on...

Your a good fit for a 250. I have a 05 wr450 uncorked and a 01 yz250f. My son is about your size and the 250 is plenty for him. I am 5'9, 210 and it pulls me too. But not like my 450. It's a monster. In the winter we mostly ride Watkins and Pueblo. If you ever make to those places or out to Castle Rock let me know and you could test ride them both.

Castle Rock is on the other side of the hill from me, I won't be driving that far to ride:applause:

What was your 450 like before you uncorked it? While Im sure a YZ250F would pull me just fine, the plugged up WR250F is going to be a far cry from it... Hence the desire to jump to a Wr450.

For duel sporting the 450 would be better. For me the corked 450 was lame. My riding bud has an 06 250. I have rode it. The corked 450 power is a lot like the opened up 250's. The fact is the 250 is a lighter bike and feels lighter. As you would expect.

My 450 is plated. I don't ride it on the road that much. It is not a good road bike IMHO. It hates constant throttle positions. It wraps out to 5th gear quick on the road. But I have my front sprocket geared down to 13 from a 14. So others may have a differant experiance. If the 450 is your choice and you will be riding the road a lot you may want to consider uping the gearing.

The road sections on this bike are going to be far and few between, but I will keep the gearing change in mind. Really, I just want some street legality to make two trail ends meet, or bypass cows in pastures around the ranch. I *hate* stoping to open gates...

Thanks for your input, its been helpful

The 450 should be good for you then. That is how I ride mine. It is a great off road bike.

Hi there !

Let me confuse the issue by saying that the 450 isn't that overpowering. Just because you have a big stick, doesn't mean you have to use it. I just rode mine this weekend in single track and it did great ! I could easily keep my buddy on his kdx 200 in sight after I got my butt going. The extra power comes in handy on hills. I find the WR line fun and easy to ride. Much less demanding than the KTM 525 exc that I had. Get the 450 ! You won't regret it !

Good Luck !


ps. If you get the 450, don't have any illusions about spanking a 525 KTM. They turn on where the WR450 turns off.

Go with the 450 no doubt. I couldnt agree more.. you dont have to use the whole stick but if you want to its there.

I have a 450wr and love it! Very uncorked and tons of fun in the dunes or where ever i am riding.

These are greeeeeeat bikes! :applause:

Yea, I have the 450.

I do not regret a single thing.

It runs like a raped ape and thats bone stock! Maybe one day I'll uncork it... but I really don't need to right now.

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