Just need to hear "It's O.K."

My son is an MX racer. He got hurt again today. He and Dad took off for a weekend together, he was so pumped up and has had good practices lately. Well, he had a BIG crash, dislocated his shoulder, got a hairline fracture in the shoulder socket and broke off a small piece of that socket so he has to have surgery on it right away. He is 19, by the way.

I am just feeling kind of down, it could have been so much worse, but still it just seems the kid can't ever have good luck. I am not a wimpy Mom. I always go to practices and races, but it is still scary when your kid gets hurt.

what doesn't kill him will make him stronger. you should be proud that he doesn't sit in front of a TV and play Nerdtindo. It'll be fine. I am sure you are raising a good kid.


Where are you guys located? I know lots 'o good upper extremity orthopedic surgeons!! If he's young and healthy, he'll be okay. I've broken both shoulders (both at a fairly young age) and you can come back from it 100%. I've also broken a wrist, both hands, cracked my sternum, fractured an elbow, a finger, seperated my radial-ulnar joint, and bruised 1/3 of my skull, and seperated my clavical from my sternum

Everything in italics was one crash. If it makes you feel any better, I'm guessing your son hasn't been as unlucky as me. But, even through all that, I'm really okay. I truely feel that a good part of how you heal and how your body handles it is mental. Keep him positive and motivated, especially in physical therapy. Also, deal with doctors that don't put his sport down. It makes a huge difference if your medical team is positive about getting back on the bike.

Good luck and let us know how he does.

He'll be fine!

Kids learn so much from participating in sports, dicipline, independence, hard work, sportsmanship...on and on and on. He will also learn from this experience. Injury is part of any sport. Help him through this and then get him back on his bike (if thats what he want) and continue to be there for him. It sound like your being a great mom...keep it up.


It is just that he spent all last summer on the couch because of knee surgery, before that he had a broken collarbone and assorted other injuries. AND if he is healthy-that is the time the bike will break!!! An example of his luck: He was in a pre-race practice when a beginner overshot a berm and was sitting in the middle of the track heading the wrong way on a corner. My son and another rider(who is a pro) came around the corner and they all had a head-on wreck! What were the damages? My son's bike got a big hole punched in the clutch cover! The other bikes and all 3 riders were O.K.:applause:

I have a problem dealing with frustration, always have, and he has inherited this wonderful trait from me!

I am a guy and not a parent but I can tell you that stuff happens. Keep it positive and things will be fine. He is learning how to achieve goals and the value of hard work. In my book you are or have raised a good son. As to finding a Dr. who is postive about the sport we love, great idea but may be almost impossible.

I tore my left knee meniscus on Friday and I am stressed out as well. I won't know untill tomorrow. No MRI yet. As said above, I broke both my wrists, my jaw and dislocated my shoulder all in one shot going over the handle bars. He is young, he will recover. It's the nature of the beast. We are athelete's...we get hurt.

The meniscus surgery is a breeze. Within 6 weeks you'll feel fine. Even better, ask if they will video tape it for you and put it on a CD. That is interesting stuff right there ;-)

Crappy luck....But it's all part of it.

Just be supportive and keep going. If you are this frustrated, imagine for a moment how he feels. I am sure he will be fine. Sooner than later his luck has to change. :applause:

As to finding a Dr. who is postive about the sport we love, great idea but may be almost impossible.

I have two orthopedic surgeons and a physical therapist who all support what I do. The key with any doctor is to be up front and say, "I ride dirt bikes (or whatever athletic pursuit you may have). I am going to keep ridng dirt bikes. Are you going to do everything you can to make sure I can keep doing that?" If you get a positive answer, stick with them. If they seem put off, they are not the right doctor. And some docs that don't necessarily think riding dirt bikes is the best thing for you will realize you are serious and they are not going to change your mind if you are up front with them about how serious you are. So far I have been lucky to find a medical team that doesn't lecture me the whole time about the dangers of my sports. It's harder to find doctors who are supportive, but by no means impossible. Usually if you search for someone who has an emphasis on sports medicine you will have pretty decent luck.

Being 23 myself I can tell you he will be fine and in the end CHICKS DIG SCARS

If he's inherited trouble with dealing with frustration from you, then this sport is going to give him VERY valuable lessons in dealing with life. Namely, things aren't always going to go well for you. Deal with it, don't give up and try to have some fun on the way.:applause:

It may also teach him how do deal with finding out what his weaknesses and limitations are as well.

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