Shock Bushing

Hey, I put my BBR stiffer springs in the front and back of my 70, and noticed play in the lower shock bushing before I rode it. I bought another one from honda and put it in no problem. Rode it a bit today, not hard jumping or anything..just crusing. I put it back up on the stand and come to find out the play is back. I can tell it's the bushing because when I took the shock off the collar inside of the bushing moves a little inside of the bushing itself. I'm not a heavy guy(190 lbs) and don't even jump this thing....whats a guy to do with play in the lower shock bushing? Is this normal, should there be some play in there?Thanks


is there a metal peice that goes between the rubber and the bolt on those?

its up to you to decide if its bad or not, use common sense, its shouldnt be loose, but it shouldnt be completely tight either.

Yeah theres a little metal tube inside the rubber bushing that the bolt goes through...I rode it a bit today and it didn't seem to loosen up any....looks like Ill just have to wait it out

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