XR on MX track?

I have an 1999 XR400 with the big bore kit. It is a very wild ride and the newer 450s can't out power me. All my buddies want me to race MX, however I am not convinced the suspension will handle the large jumps. What do you think?

I wouldn't go in expecting to win on it. It's a lot heavier than the newer 450's, and the suspension won't be anything near as good. You can convert to USD forks, but you'll still have a 260 pound bike.

It would probably handle some track riding (just recreational, and I don't know if I'd hit a huge triple with it), but I wouldn't expect to win.

Hate to say it... but the 450's are just faster than any XR 400 modded. Not just in the engine department, but the suspension, weight and overall ability to rev faster.

Although, doesn't mean to say you can't race your XR and have fun, but don't expect the XR to be doing you any favours on the MX track.

you could race it.. i would start out recreational.. then move up.. i rode mx with a trail bike.. the landings were a little rough.. but i managed to stay with 450's.. this was on my old suzuki RMX250

I rode my 400 at the Lakewood National track last weekend. It handled most things fine, but that was the first time I ever came off an mx track thinking.....if only this bike was faster.

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