Fastway wide footpegs

Although I got a deal on the latest purchase I made locally (honda z50) and a bunch of parts, I hadn't realized how much of a deal it was until I looked these puppies up.

Immediately these fastway wide pegs came out of the free parts box and went onto my x2r. Man they compliment the looks of the bike nicely and when sitting on the bike they sure feel like they'll provide way more balance when jumping. :applause:

Yeah, that was one of the first mods I did to my bike. Fastway F3's, riding on one of the new BBR monster straight mounts, and a classic Honda shifter. The folding shifter on my bike actually was so cheap that the tip stayed bent out toward the cases. LOL



Yeah, When I get the time I'll pop some for ya. Right now in the middle of a build though. :applause:

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