DC Only lighting for Dual Sport????

I am wondering if it would be possible to run a dual sport kit (Dakar/ Baja Designs/ ECT.) on DC power (battery only) long enough (30-40 min) to pass the Ma. State Police Inspection required to get a road reg for my 2006 YZ450F. I would only be linking trails on the road. I have only been able to find one company (lakes and trail in MI) who are making a moose coil work in the 06/07 YZ450F am I am not sure if that is the route I want to take. Any input ??


it would be hardto mount lights on a battery that small enough to fit in your dirtbike

Sorry for the late reply. (might help someone else) We used to do this in AZ to get our bikes registered for on road. Put the battery in the airbox. Get a regular motorcycle 12v battery. Take out the airfilter. (do not ride the bike in celebration, until the airfilter is replaced). Just set the battery in the airbox and wire it to the light through an on/off switch. The battery is good for about an hour.

Thanks for the input. Baja Designs sells a very small battery that fits behind the headlight assy. If the lights draw too much to run for a short period I will take the full size bike battery in the air box route. After the inspect I can run the non DOT. led lights, they will run a lot longer on the small battery.

Thanks Again

I made a battery pack out of 8C nicad batteries. Worked like a champ.

Shoot didn't see the 30-40 min. In that case I would go with the motorcycle battery. Even 8D batteries won't power the headlight for that long.

How Long Did The 8c's Run The Headlight

I bought a battery powered dual sport kit from sicass.com for about $270. It got me street legal in Michigan. But the the light only lasts about 12 min on high.

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