New Graphics!!

[/url]Well I finally was able to get everything done on my bike. Got my graphics from a company called FLU Designs and it turns out they make the graphics for Nick Wey's and DV12's bike. Pretty cool considering I never heard of them.

I was very pleased with the quality and ease of application also. I have never put on a set of graphics before and I am very pleased with the way everything turned out as I am a perfectionist and I would even say OCD :applause: The price of the kit is also amazing as it was only $99 bucks for EVERYTHING! The only thing I haven't done yet is put on the new seat cover. I'm debating because the only thing thats different is the Honda lettering is white and I have a hole in the stocker now. I figure the first time I go for a ride with the new one I'll get a hole anyways:bonk:

Anyways tell me what everyone thinks..



Those look sweet! You did a great job for your first time, looks pro....I have new graphics coming Monday, ANY TIPS??? I am nervous...:applause:

I got the SoBe No Fear graphics I'm putting on as we speak. Your graphics look great man. As for the poster above me... I just put the left shroud on and from what I've learned: take your time, use a spray bottle of water when you're applying your graphics, and I started at the bottom of the shroud to get everything lined up. Good luck!

I started at the very front of the shroud. I peeled back a very small corner and lightly stuck it on then looked at my bolt holes further back. If it wasn't right I reapplied it till I was happy. Then peel of the backing and SLOWLY work it on and rub it down. I can't emphasize to take your time.

Also use a heat gun or hairdryer. It will make your life easier. As far as plastic prep I used brake cleaner to get off the big goop then I used dishwashing soap and hot water and scrubbed them then let them dry. Before I applied the graphic I heated the plastic and the sticker.

All that worked very well for me and I am quite pleased with the outcome. Everything is sticking like superglue and I don't forseen any of it peeling off (fingers crossed:cry: )

Good luck...You'll do fine if you take your time

thanks for your help guys!!! :lol:


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