85 honda Xl 80

i pulled the motor out and cleaned everyhting and took the head and cylinder off to look at em and make sure they were fine and they were so i put evrything back to getthere after i cleaned it and put it back on the bike i changed the oil and tried to kick it over but it stopped halfway so i kicked i again and it started then died and it will do the same thing its like its hitting the valves or somethin but how do i fix it

your cam timing is off, get a manual for the bike, it will describe the correct way to time the cam. Until then DO NOT try to start the bike anymore.

Im not sure is this is correct for your bike but here goes. Take the valve cover off the motor and there should be a little inspection cap on the Stator cover (left side) remove it. Using a socket and ratchet turn the cranckshaft at the nut holding the stator on. looking through the inspection cap you should eventually see a line with either an F or a T next to it. Line this mark up with the mark that will be on the case next to were you pulled the inspection cap off. Once this is lined up your motor will be on Top Dead Center, now look at your cam gear, it should have two lines opposite each other on it. Line these lines up parralell to the top of the cylinderhead and bolt the gear to the cam, this may take a few tries becuase as the slack is taken up it has a tendency to slip a tooth, wich reminds me before you start all this take the cam chain tensioner off the motor, once the cam is bolted up reinstall the tensioner, inspection caps, and valve cover

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