Fork oil

Greetings fellow 2 strokers! I am a first timer here and just recently purchased a 1997 CR250. So far I have had a couple of great rides and still trying to get myself re-acquainted (it had been a while). Anyway, I just had a ride out at Amago last weekend (in the mud & rain) and afterwards, I took it to a car wash and used the pressure washer to try and clean it up. Stored it back in the garage and went about my week and when I went to get it ready for this weekend I noticed some fork oil that had leaked on the front tire and rim (about 10-15cc's). I traced it to the top of the front right shock. Does this mean I need to have it serviced before I can ride again? Is this a costly repair? Is it a possible do-it-yourselfer? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much...

sounds like a blown fork seal... you can ride, just do not get too crazy on the jumps. I have a mechanic do both sides for $120, so parts should not run more than $40 or so. Sorry not an expert, but thought a little help is better than nothing. Good luck :applause:

Drop the dust seal down and take something thin (e.g, film negative) and carefully insert it into the fork seal and move it around to clear any sand that may be there.

Often, this is all that's needed. Try it and clean everything up and see what happens. If it still leaks, you'll need to replace the seal(s). If they've never been replaced, the bushings may need replacing as well.

Best of luck. :applause:

You said you traced it to the Top of the're not talking about the top up at the triple clamp and bar clamps...right???

no, please excuse my poor was actually coming from the top of the fork tube slider and the outer tube that slides over it (the shocks are inverted).

Thanks for the tip. I am going to try and find some film negative as I use didgital now :-) When you say drop the dust seal down, how do I do that? things looks pretty tight in that area!

In lieu of film negatives, I've used the rounded tip of a very, very small zip-tie, which worked well also...

found some far up into the fork seal do I need to get...are we talking just underneath or up a few inches? thanks.

I've never had to go more than about a quarter-inch, you can tell when you get past the edge, then just carefully drag...I kinda go sideways with a downward motion, pulling the crud out with it. If it's gunked up pretty badly, you may need to to this several times in one complete rotation around the fork leg, possibly a couple or three rotations...

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