What fun!

I bought my 11 year old his first bike today--a new '06 crf100. I rode it when we got it home--just to demonstrate to him you understand. It is so much fun I think I will keep it and let him ride his bike.:applause:

my wifes 01 100 is THE reason I switched from riding a quad back to riding a bike...I just purchased myself a KTM sxc 400, but I will still be overjoyed when she lets me ride her little 100, its just that much fun

100's are alot of fun, but when you get off a big bike and back on to one of them you wish they had more power. If I were to get another 100 I think I would put a big bore kit on it.

yea small XRs are always fun

Heck, I have fun on my wife's crf80!

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