KX500 Ride Report (With Pics and Video)

So a couple months ago I posted up my KX500/KX250F conversion, and it turned out to be quite a contriversal bike, maybe the most contraversial bike on TT. Anyways, since then I've done alot of work to it and I finally got it done today and I went and took it for a spin.

Since I posted it last, I have added one 1/8" reinforcing plate to the downtube and hade the frame heat treated to releive the stresses form welding. On an intersting note, there was alot of stress in the stock frame, when I cut it, the downtube moved about a 1/2" from center. Also I put a new pipe on, plastics, powdercoated a bunch of stuff, tires, clutch, ect...

Anyways, today was about 40 degrees so it was nice to ride with a sweatshirt, and it was sunny for a change. I headed up to an excavation pit about 5 minutes from my house with some friends for the day. Nobody wanted to be shoot video so I only got two little clips.

About the bike. It runs extremly well, and its scary fast. But its also easy to ride, the power is really smooth for a two stroke and it has a low first gear so the tight trails are not hard at all. Its actually easier that on my 250F, its has TONS of tourqe. And it really pulls hard when you get on the gas, it make my dads 426 seem slow. As you probably know, it wheelies really easy, even in fourth it will come up if I just roll the throttle on, and with a little clutch it will come up really easy in fifth. I almost looked like a spode a few times when I popped the front end up coming out of corners by accident while draging one foot. It handles just like my 250F, but with the power of a 450 and then some. And the exhaust note is awesome, it sounds like a two stroke but it has a low pitch to it, its the best sounding bike I've ever heard. On the down side, it vibrates more than any other dirtbike I've ridden, I can't ride very far on a 1.7 gallon gas tank, the N-Style seat cover is almost to grippy, and I can already tell it will go through tires like crazy. But I think the good outweighs the bad and I am extremely happy.

Anyways, here are a few pictures and two videos, sorry the video quality is not that good with a real cheap camera and on top of that it lost quality when I put it on YouTube. (OMG, I just noticed my dog is about to take a crap in the last picture)










Sick man what more to say other than just plain awesome

You mean to tell me that you put a KX500 2 stroker into a KXF250 frame? That's just awesome!!Probably scoots like a bat out of HE__, huh/

Little Jeff

Insane... Is it just me, or is it jetted really rich?

Good job man. Its come along way since your first post on this bike. I like it. You should post a before picture as well so people can see just how much work you've done.

You did a good job. I just hope that the ass from your other post doesn't show up again.

nice work. hope all the naysayers appreciate all the work you did. no matter what their opinions are.

great job

Crazy bike, nice work :applause:

A before pic would be great.

Great work on your bike. I saw the before pic and the controversial thread and it looks like your bike turned out great. :applause:

Amazing job, truly amazing

Originally it was this:


Then I put the 500 engine in it:


And this is it now:


And I don't really mind if the guys who criticized my work show up again, then they might see the work I've done since then, and if they still criticize my work, I won't let it discourage me. Besides criticism can motivate you to do a better job. And its not jetted too rich, like I said it sounds much different than the smaller two strokes, in person it almost sounds like a 4 stroke at times.

Awesome job man, real nice!

very impressive ...well done!

Awesome job! Could you get a video of that thing screeming? I want to see what that things capable of when all the ponies are let out of the barn!

:applause: sweet. I wish I had something like that. Pretty crazy.

come up pretty good, what pipe is that from? and theres some nice wrench time spent on that thing

dude thats awesome ive always wanted to do something like that. the only thing i would have done is had a shop tig weld the pipe together.Did you arc weld it? if so good job not burning a hole:applause:

Looks like a different bike and didnt some one on your other thread say something about eating their words, it turned out real good

totally :applause: awsome:ride:

Everything looks great, you did a real good job. Like the other guy said that pipe you should have had TIG welded. Also in your pic I noticed how close the pipe is to your left radiator. It might possibly rub against it one day. But it looks real good and it has inspired me to do the 500 swap with my '02 CRF450. I have a '05 for racing but for dunes and play riding I am going to do it with my '02. Again looks good though!:applause:

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