TTR250 Horsepower

I got 19 out of mine on the dyno.

Jardine RT-4 Slip-On, ReadyFilter, 3X4" hole cut in the airbox.

Still have some carb adjustments to work on, haven't had the time, might take it back up there to make sure everythings good, but the jetting was surprisingly not too far off, the guy that runs the shop (he's veryveryvery good at tuning carbs/FI) says to just do it with the needle and fuel screw and not change jets, I'll let y'all know how it goes

Knobby or slick?

Bikes tested with a knobby lose a percentage of power because of losses from the knobby slipping on the drum

knobby, we didn't do it for the hp numbers, just for the air/fuel mix with the sniffer in the exhaust can, spark arrestor removed. The spark arrestor in my jardine can was ridiculously restrictive, it was a solid plate (dad's XR250 has the same can, but his just has a screen). We meant to just knock a hole in it so the sniffer could go all the way in, but it knocked it completely out.

For a spark arrestor to get me by, could I just rig up a piece of screen inside?

See if you could order the same screen that your dad has on his XR. If not I'd go down to the hardware store and get some stainless steel screen with the smallest possible holes and use that. As long as the muffler you have has the USFS approval on it and the fine stainless screen passes the "poke" test you should be good to go.

Also BBR, Pro Circuit, Pro Moto Billet and others sell a screen typ spark arrestor for anywhere fro $20-$30 but the application of those S/As is dependant on the core size and endcap fitment of the muffler

It does have the badge, and I was planning on using the s/s mesh for a quick fix to get me by. How would you suggest mounting it in there?

Take a large peice of screen (6"X6") and poke it through a key ring thats roughly the size of the muffler core so that it takes the shape of a cone with the depth of about 2.5 in. Then cut the excess and JB weld (the high temp stuff, not the JB quik or whatever it is) the screen to the key ring and there you have a temporary sparky on the cheap.

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