426 stock suspension help

I have an 02 426 with stock suspension. I weight in at 150, and was wondering what a good setting would be for the track? Can anyone estimate the number of clicks I should use? Thanks

Stock settings are right in the middle of the click range, 10 or 11 clicks out. Your weights not too far off their intended set up from the factory. Just put it all at stock and ride, click...ride, click...etc. til it feels right for you, which will probably be softer since you're lighter.

Work with oil level height for some fine tuning with the clickers. I fully agree with starting at stock clickers on the forks and shocks to start at your weight.

The manual gives the stock clicker settings for a 2002 YZ 426F as:

Front forks (redundant huh?:applause: )

Rebound-11 clicks out (on fork cap or top)

Compression-10 clicks out (on bottom of fork, under a rubber cap)

Rear shock

Rebound damping-10 clicks out (on the shock clevis)

Low speed compression damping-12 clicks out (inner straight slot screw head on nitrogen chamber for the shock)

High speed compression damping-1-1/6 turn out (large not around the low speed adjuster on the nitrogen chamber for the shock)

Don't forget to set the sag for the rear shock, I'd suggest starting at 100mm and go from there.


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