power-up kit???

i was wondering what exactly is the power-up kit? where can i get it and how much is it?i know its the jets but what exactly is it?i have a 06' crf150f and would like to get it thanks:thumbsup:

there's no kit to buy it's just called a power up kit , all you do is remove the snorkle from the top of air box under the seat , remove baffle from pipe , new air filter UNI & rejet carb, any more ? just PM me because these people are tired of repeating threads .

No offence gizmodiamond, but there is a kit. Technically called Honda Full Power Kit part# 16012-KPT-921 for the 150. It's the needle and needle jet, no jets.

so just go to my local shop and give them that part #? is this a good idea and worth it?

so just go to my local shop and give them that part #? is this a good idea and worth it?

NW56 is right about the power up needle which I forgot about :applause: but for what you are wanting to do you still need to rejet after you remove snorkle & baffle because the air flow is so much greater & runs very lean , I just did this to my 230 what a differance . yes it is worth it.

Most of the later bikes do not have an adjustable needle or have 1 adjustment for high altitude which would be leaner. The only options are to get the power-up needle or use a .020 washer under the clip. The 06 and later 230 has only the altitude adjustment, not sure about the 150. These bike are jetted lean and need to be uncorked and re-jetted.:applause:

well i have a Dr.d exhaust and i will take out the snorkel

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